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My name is Buzzard. I am a very smart Cockatiel and know many words and games. My favorite trick is to say "Here kitty, kitty" and watch Morgan come a'running!

Click to view larger image of Buzzard (92700 bytes)My job here at Muffett Farms is to keep company with Eliza Mayhem. She's a bird dog you know. We argue quite often and what a raucous that makes. But I think that's why Eliza likes me ~ we know how to create chaos and mayhem together!

I also bite, so beware. Aaron knows about that. I gave him a good lesson after I had known him for only two hours. I bit him on his hand and bit him hard; that taught him to be nice to me!

I have heard them say that despite it all, they really like me here at Muffett Farms and that I have a home here for the rest of my life. I am so glad!

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