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Muffett Farms
Who We Are and What We Do

Pasture Setting at North Bend Farm

Muffett Farms is a 550 acre timber plantation located on the rugged shores of Smith River on the Southern Oregon Coast. Beaver beside the creek, elk munching leaves, our love of forest management and animals.
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We here at Muffett Farms are a family run farm and are breeders of purebred AKC Irish Setters, Irish Dexter Cattle, and Arabian Sport horses. Back when he was raising his family on a dairy farm in Molalla, Oregon, Win Muffett had a dream of working in the woods as a timber faller and logger. He then purchased the property known today as Muffett Farms, where Win lived out that dream. Now, his youngest son, John Muffett and his wife Rose, are carrying his dream into the future by keeping Muffett Farms name alive through their love of forest management and animals. Click to view larger picture of Bleu Knight Foxy+

Our AKC Irish Setters: Feel Like A Rock Star Goldset, "Rocky" is our newest addition to our family, he is imported from Timisoara Romania. Maximillian's Red Rover. Lohmanm's Veltins Imported from Germany. Smith River Ranger a son of Maximillian and My Sweet Candy Cane.

Our 3 Fleetwood's: Fleetwood Farms Jet Setter retired, Fleetwood Farms Ginger Snap retired, and Fleetwood Farms Little Liza, all come from an impressive bloodline. All three were born at Fleetwood Farms in Ohio, each pedigree reads like a history book. Fleetwood Farms Jet Setters sire, Fleetwood Farms O' Danny Boy, is a sire of Champions. His bloodline goes back to AKC "Best In Show." Fleetwood Farms Champion, Starheirs Aaron Ardee, ROM- is the most "Best In Show" winning male Irish Setter in American history. He was a winner of 36 AKC "Best In Shows," a record still undefeated today. He was awarded Group 2, twice at the prestigious Westminster dog show, and rated 7th among the top Sporting dogs of all time. Our dogs pedigrees go back to BIS Champion Starheirs Aaron Ardee, and continue on this line of unparalleled beauty. His full younger brother, Champion Fleetwood Farms Grand Marshal, was "Best of Winners" in over 400+ Irish Setters at the Irish Setter Club of America's first National Specialty.

Thee Scarlet Setter retired and My Sweet Candy Cane retired, bloodlines go back to Fleetwood lines on her sire's side, as well as many Champion Cucuhullian lines. Also, FC AFC "Karrycourt's Wild West Hero," FC AFC "Damika Wild Wisk Kay" CD JH, NFC AFC "Brophy's Pumpernickel," NFC NAFC "Brophys Mahogany Fielder," NFC NAFC "Darth Raider O'Reily," and "Zarahemlas" lines which are champions in Field.

Our dogs are not raised in a kennel, they live in the house with us. We consider our dogs as members of our family. Scarlet's puppies were born in our house and were well socialized. With their excellent bloodlines our puppies will also be great dogs for service companians and hunting. Our Irish Setters have natural hunting instincts, they are noted for their calm and gentle nature and are true couch potatoes as well! Quality Irish Setters are becoming very rare, especially the calmer ones with gentle nature. Here at Muffett Farms, we keeping the Irish Setter breed intact for all its beauty as well as its grandeur.

We specialize in black breeding of Old American, CMK, and Egyptian lines, of which some are related to the equine stars in Walter Farley's Black Stallion movies, as well as Ala Charm, the last of the black stallions owned by Walter Farley. Click to view larger picture of Bleu Knight Foxy+Although we specialize in black, our Arabians come in all colors. We enjoy having a multi-color herd which allows us to offer a variety to our customers.

We have devoted many years to developing good quality, well bred Arabians which are level headed, doing horses with excellent substance as well as conformation. We take a great deal of pride in our fine brood mares and their offspring, along with an excellent stallion Magic Magic, sire of Bleu Knight Foxy+, our 2004 National Top Ten Champion Arabian Sport Horse Stallion In-Hand and 2005 AHA Show and Regional Dressage Champion. We are always working towards a 'doing' Arabian that is also beautiful.

Click to view larger image of one of our meadows (77882 bytes)Our main herd runs free on hundreds of acres, with as much freedom and natural environment as we and nature can provide. We feel that this helps our horses become better athletes and more trustworthy mounts, while adding to their well being and peace of mind, also developing their natural instincts. It is not unusual to see our herd of horses graze side by side with elk or deer. The terrain our horses roam includes lush green meadows as well as steep hillsides with numerous creeks to cross.

Our Arabians are all American-bred Arabians, and we are very proud of this fact. Our Arabians could be an asset to any program. Our Arabians are bred to do almost everything from Dressage and Halter to Park, as well as Endurance, Jumping, Western Pleasure, Reining, Team Penning, and Ranch Work. We would like to stress that our Arabians are versatile family horses!

Click to view larger image of Rose Muffett with WizzardsAprilLoveOur Arabians are of excellent quality and are honestly represented, they have never been mistreated or abused. We love our horses! If you would like references to our credibility, please do not be embarrassed to ask. You are welcome to inspect our Arabians and to have them evaluated by your Vet, trainer, or fellow breeder. All are in good condition and have had their shots, regular worming, and farrier care. They come with their registration certificates, and we also provide any tests necessary for their transport. Please see our Sales Page for a List of AKC Irish Setter Puppies and Sport Horses currently available for purchase.

We thank you for visiting our website today and hope you will enjoy seeing all of our horses and dogs plus various views and insights to life for us here at Muffett Farms on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast.

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Muffett Farms
John and Rose Muffett
Reedsport, Oregon
Phone: 541.271.3065
e-mail: John and Rose Muffett

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